Bae Lemke 
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Berlin based artist duo Su Jin Bae and Jonathan Lemke.

Six New Prayers of Penitence


Six chapters with six stories of grim death.

Criminal Charges

Installation Düsseldorf Kunsthalle, Düsseldorf 2018

During the time of the exhibition in Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, each day a new criminal charge in form of two documents were presented in a display cabinet. They are charges of diverse delicts, all details regarding offenders and victims are blackened.

Song for the Majestic Death

Performance/Video installation Amsterdam 2019

"When, in another place, death threatens a young criminal with her fate, she calls:
Oh, if I could live longer
and could return whatever I robbed from people since I now still live to see this hour."

The Maternal Voice

Performance Rijksakademie Amsterdam 2018

Two old people give testimony in this performance, about the night side of their parenthood, the consequences of their companionship. Monologues about immortality fantasies, renunciation of the family and love.


Performance / Installation Gwangju, South Korea 2023

Performance and installation about desire/pleasure/fear in the visionary.

The Detamed

Video installation 2023

A story about passions, commitments and secrets in the milieu of hunters.